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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my child need to be zoned to Viera High School to join ACAD?

    • Yes, all students in ACAD must be zoned for Viera High School.

  • I see one of the requirements for cords are to complete 100 hours of community service. Do those also apply to the Bright Futures Scholarship?

    • Yes, the hours your child completes will also count towards Bright Futures. Incoming 9th graders can start earning hours in non-profit organizations the day after the last day of 8th grade. Please go to Viera High School's webpage under guidance to obtain the volunteer log sheet and the volunteer action plan.

  • What if my child wants to take AP in Math or Science?​

    • Academy students can take any math or science class. Students are only required to take their Academy Digital Media elective course, Academy English Honors, and Academy Social Studies Honors. (see question below about taking AP in Social Studies or English)

  • My child would like to take an AP in Social Studies. Can they do that with Academy?

    • Yes, students can take a higher level core class instead of taking the academy class (only one class per year). For example, if your child would like to take AP English or Dual Enrollment English (college level) over the academy English Honors class, they can. At that point, they must take the academy social studies honors class. All student must take the Academy Digital Media as an elective course.​

  • Can my child stay take band in Academy.

    • Yes, as long as their schedule permits it, they can. Schedules for students do not happen until summer. Students receive their schedules during registration day in August. Our academy guidance counselor works very closely with our students. their parents, and our curriculum AP to ensure students can take other electives or higher level courses while maintaining the academy.

  • My child would like to early admit as a senior? What does this mean and can they do that and still stay in the Academy.

    • No, students cannot early admit and stay in the academy. Early admit students strictly go to EFSC their senior year, therefore, they will not have the ability to take their academy classes at VHS. Students can still dual enroll and stay in the academy. Dual Enroll means they take classes at Viera High and partial classes at EFSC.​

  • My child is having problems in one of their academy classes. What should I do?

    • Parents should always contact their child's teacher if they have concern, academy or not. You can include the academy guidance counselor in your emails if the their is a concern that will need to involve them (i.e accommodations/IEP) ​

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