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Business Meeting

Viera High School

Academy of Business and Finance

The Academy of Business and Finance is a four-year academic program which gives all students, regardless of career choice, the polish and skills necessary in the business world to have "the competitive edge." Membership is open to rising 9th graders interested in developing the business skills required to succeed in any field. Admission is based upon a competitive application process. 

Hands Together

About Us

Preparing Our Future Leaders Now

The Academy of Business and Finance allows students to acquire the key Innovation Skills of Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity by 

  • Small Learning Community

  • Project Based Learning

  • Smaller Class Size

  • Guest Speakers/Field Trips

  • Real World Exposure

  • Career and College Planning

  • Community Service

  • Professional Development

  • After School Tutoring Assistance

  • Staff Collaboration

  • Hands-On Projects

  • Shared Success

The Academy OF Business & Finance concentrates on the development of the young men and women that are accepted into the program to expand their minds to prepare them for the expanding world of Business & Finance.  The academy promotes life-long learning, effective communication, and respect for self and others. The students will become problem solvers, self-directed learners, quality producers, collaborative workers, and community contributors.

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